Keeping sales pipelines filled with high value prospects is the key to sales success. Yet, too many salespeople don’t take the right steps to make that happen and fail to meet their goals. I report on Tony J. Hughes new book, “COMBO Prospecting” and his powerful ideas for filling sales pipelines with high value prospects fast.
January 2, 2019Chris Lytle


How can “pausing” make you more believable? And why does believing in what your selling, make you more believable? And what should you do when you don’t believe in what your saying or selling? Think this might be an important sales learning topic? Listen, learn and discuss.
December 3, 2018Chris Lytle


Are you bringing new insights to your prospect or customers? Or are you telling them what’s already on your website and in your product literature? You want to be the salesperson that makes the customer think, “You know, this person really knows what they’re talking about.” Now you’re selling.
November 19, 2018Chris Lytle


Sometimes prospects object just to see whether or not you believe in what you’re selling. You don’t have to “overcome” every objection. But you do need to have a strategy for handling them. I recommend using the third “f” in this short video.
September 17, 2018Chris Lytle


I’m a sales trainer. But I own the business. So salespeople are selling to me. One particular salesperson left a voicemail that was so good, I transcribed it and broke it down so you can use it as a blueprint for your next voicemail.
July 16, 2018Chris Lytle


This is a story about a salesperson who broke my preoccupation with catching a plane and sit down and get a shoeshine. It contains some important lessons for all salespeople who are meeting with crazy busy prospects and customers.
April 16, 2018Chris Lytle


Is it true that teaching is the new pitching? That seems to be the trend. Are your salespeople able to add value to a prospect’s business with what they know and not just what they sell? It could be an important competitive advantage. There’s a very powerful one-liner about the goal of a first meeting with a prospect. I’ll let you discover it around the 2:07 mark.
March 26, 2018Chris Lytle


It is now possible to spend all day “selling” without really talking to a prospect. But is it a good idea? Jeb Blount, author of Fanatical Prospecting thinks we need to dial the phone and interrupt some prospects for their own good. I’ll also share his “30-Day Rule” with you and your sales team. Break it at your own risk.
February 5, 2018Chris Lytle


Selling is a contact sport. Are you and your salespeople getting roughed up enough? Maybe you all need a few more “noes” in order to get some very profitable “yesses.”
December 18, 2017Chris Lytle


I once told a tough prospect that he should get me to like him. “We do our best work for people we like,” I said. It took him aback, but we developed a much better working relationship soon after I said it. Turns out I was onto something important as you’ll soon hear.
November 13, 2017Chris Lytle


If you want to be seen as a typical salesperson, ask your prospects, “What keeps you up at night?” It’s not a good opening gambit. Find out a much better way to approach new prospects. And don’t forget to download my “Trouble Talk Template.” It may come in handy.
September 25, 2017Chris Lytle


There are only 3 ways for you and your salespeople to grow sales. Find out what they are quickly. Plus, I’ve found and included an old form I developed for analyzing a salesperson’s billing and helping them discover how to grow it. I’m recommending you ask them fill it out the first two pages. Then, have a one-on-one meeting with them about what they plan to do about the data.
September 12, 2017Chris Lytle


There is a zero-pressure way to learn why the prospect is going to pass on your offer. Learn and memorize this 17-word sentence. Find out how you can get clients to buy even after they've said "No."
April 18, 2017Chris Lytle


If you want your salespeople to have a better approach than “What’s keeping you up at night?” Then encourage them to use the Force Field Analysis with their prospects and customers. I’ll show you why and how in this session. Be sure to download the PowerPoint. I’ve got an extra slide that illustrates the concept beautifully.
January 23, 2017Chris Lytle


Salespeople get hung up on "cold calling." They need to realize that there’s really no such thing anymore. Find out what’s really going on in their heads and how to fix it fast.
December 12, 2016Chris Lytle


Need more new business? There are at least three immediately actionable prospecting ideas in this session. Too many salespeople are “one-and-done” prospectors. Professional persistence pays huge dividends for the bolder sales pros.
October 17, 2016Chris Lytle


Sometimes our own assumptions about our prospects get in the way of our success. Listen to this inspiring story of one salesperson who quit assuming and started selling a lot more. His new voice mail script is worth transcribing and using today.
September 12, 2016Chris Lytle


What you say in the first few seconds of your phone call is critical to your prospecting and sales success. Try out the two powerful phrases you’ll learn in this Instant Sales Training session. Let me know what happens.
September 6, 2016Chris Lytle


Your prospects may not be ready to buy at this instant. At the same time, you want to persist professionally so that when they’re ready to buy they buy from you. “Value-based persistence” is a fresh idea that will help you and your salespeople gain a competitive advantage. You can check out the video I reference in the Instant Sales Training session HERE.
August 29, 2016Chris Lytle


In his TED Talk Mark Bowden describes the reptilian brain make instant assessments of the people we meet. Our prospects decide in a millisecond whether a salesperson is a potential friend or foe. But just because they decide you’re not the enemy, doesn’t mean they like you. Find out how to be seen as a potential friend when you walk into their place of business. It requires two very important behaviors. Listen to the Instant Sales Training session to find out why Chris is so excited about Mark’s ideas. Then watch his TED Talk. You will find out how to be more likable…instantly.
August 22, 2016Chris Lytle


I’m old enough to remember when the Olympics showcased amateur athletes. Today the pros dominate most of the events. That got me thinking about the important differences between sales professionals and sales amateurs. One thing is certain, sales pros sell differently and dominate the game.
August 15, 2016Chris Lytle


Salespeople lose focus when they have an unlimited number of prospects. Find out how and why to focus them on a finite and workable number of prospects. Then, watch your new business improve quickly and steadily.
August 8, 2016Chris Lytle
Change Your Agenda ft img


Buyers want to know if you’re there to help them or to help yourself. Sometimes setting an agenda to learn more about the buyer and the buyer’s problems can result in increased trust, better rapport and, yes, an order. See if you agree after you’ve listened to this week’s Instant Sales Training session.
May 26, 2016Chris Lytle
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Sometime prospects tell you they’re interested in what you’re selling. But are they really? It’s easy for salespeople to get hooked on hopium and chase down prospects who never intend to buy. Separating real prospects from information seekers is the big idea behind this Instant Sales Training session.
May 4, 2016Chris Lytle
Miscommunication remodel web


Your best prospects may be customers who have quit doing business with you. Why? Take two minutes to find out exactly why and to get the two questions you need to be asking your former customers now. Consider having a “win-back week” theme and get everyone on your team to put these ideas into action.
March 21, 2016Chris Lytle
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Building a Resource Guide is a quick way to establish credibility and expertise. My first Resource Guide doubled the traffic on this website. You can open the PDF on this page and check it out. It works because your prospects and clients are looking for answers, but don’t want to work all that hard to get them. They’ll read a 1-page Resource Guide. They’ll put off reading a long document.
March 8, 2016Chris Lytle
What the prospects will say ft img2


If you can predict what your prospect is going to say when you make a statement, you increase your power and odds of success. That’s what author/trainer Eric Lofholm suggests. See if you agree with the idea that having proven sales scripts make sense. For extra credit, watch his short YouTube clip.
December 21, 2015Chris Lytle
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There is no shortage of people willing to give you advice about what works in selling. Just be sure to consider the source and take advice from truly successful people. There are plenty of middle-of-the-pack and bottom-of-the barrel sales types who may steer you wrong. Here’s an example of really bad and really good sales advice. For 69 more pieces of expert advice, read this article.
November 25, 2015Chris Lytle


All things being equal, people tend to do business with salespeople they like. Robert Cialdini and Steve Martin believe likability makes salespeople more persuasive. It's one of their six"Secrets from the Science of Persuasion" whiteboard talk on YouTube. Nearly 2 million people have watched this powerful video. In the short audio knowledge bite, I share how I used a couple of their principles to cement my friendship with a client by caring about his business and using his jargon.
July 1, 2015Chris Lytle