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I interview Business by Phone expert Art Sobczak about his “cleansing question.” This is an idea you can use now to move prospects forward or move them out of your sales pipeline. It’s brilliant, simple and very effective.
May 28, 2019Chris Lytle


When I was a frequent flyer, I earned the 100K card from United. It meant I had a higher status that someone who only flew 50,000 or 75,000 miles. United told us where we stood. And they had rules for who got upgraded first. Have you ever let a prospect or customer know what it takes to be an important customer? In just over 4 minutes, you’ll discover why I think you should do so.
February 27, 2017Chris Lytle


Your prospects may not be ready to buy at this instant. At the same time, you want to persist professionally so that when they’re ready to buy they buy from you. “Value-based persistence” is a fresh idea that will help you and your salespeople gain a competitive advantage. You can check out the video I reference in the Instant Sales Training session HERE.
August 29, 2016Chris Lytle
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It’s the little things that make a big difference. I was reminded of this when I ran across Stan Phelps’ book The Purple Goldfish: How to Win Customers and Influence Word of Mouth. Listen to it, then think what you can do to give your customers a memorable experience they will want to talk about with their peers.
March 14, 2016Chris Lytle


Sales pipelines are clogged with dead and dying deals.These two ideas will help you get stalled deals moving and dead deals out of your salespeople’s pipelines. I’ve shared these ideas with seminar audiences on three continents. Salespeople who implement them report immediate results. Now they’re yours to implement, too. This makes a great Instant Sales Training session and should generate revenue in a couple of days. Then you’ll be able to justify investing in a full year’s worth of these Instant Sales Training sessions. Right?
September 21, 2015Chris Lytle


Every call is a cold one and you wonder whether or not you will make it. No matter how new you are to sales, you can always add value by what you know and not just by what you sell. And when you're adding value, making the call is a lot more fun.
June 22, 2015Chris Lytle
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Persist professionally by adding value to your prospect's day with every follow up message. Drop the tired "checking in" and "just touching base" phrases from your vocabulary entirely. When making follow up calls, become an asset in your prospect's decision making process. In today's lesson, Jill Konrath provides 3 insightful strategies for staying on your client's minds without getting on their nerves. Craft a follow up message that shows your prospects they're dealing with a business pro, and they'll be the ones following up...with YOU.
May 25, 2015Chris Lytle