Asking Questions



New research on deals that close and deals that don’t reveals that deals are closed in the discovery phase and not presentation phase. Wrap your head around that you’ll understand how important asking good questions and listening a lot more than you talk to real sales success.
January 14, 2019Chris Lytle


You can’t argue your way to sales success. Instead of “handling” objections, try this idea from Art Sobczak. You’ll get more information and a better understanding of what the prospect really means. And you’ll seem less defensive and more professional. Not bad for two minutes, eh?
July 24, 2018Chris Lytle


Here’s a story about a rep who read a $7.97 sales book and closed a nice order by asking one question he learned about. Can you get yourself to ask it? Can you get your sales reps to ask it 20 times?
July 9, 2018Chris Lytle


You have to keep sales open long enough to get them closed. This question will help you advance any sale to the point where closing is appropriate. Make sure your salespeople have memorized it and are using it.
June 11, 2018Chris Lytle


Open-ended questions are good. Three-level questions are better. I tell a story about a real salesperson who asked one three-level question and got an additional $8000 budget for a client’s grand opening event. All you have to do is ask the right way. Find out what the right way is in five minutes.
May 14, 2018Chris Lytle


Sometimes a customer needs analysis feels more like an interrogation than a conversation. Using more “embedded questions” can change that dynamic and make for a much smoother meeting. I’m wondering whether or not you’re using some embedded questions already. In any event, getting you to use more of them is the goal of this knowledge bite.
May 7, 2018Chris Lytle


The more product knowledge you have, the more inclined you will be to share it. But telling isn’t selling. Avoid the temptation to spew. Ask this question instead. What question? The one you’ll learn in this week’s knowledge bite at the 1:04 marker. Send the MP3 to your sales team and encourage them to ask this question to a prospect this week. And ask them to bring that story to the sales meeting. Education without action is entertainment.
April 9, 2018Chris Lytle


This future-oriented question can get the prospect or customer to reveal key business objectives to you. Then, all you have to do is figure out how to help them achieve those objectives with the what you sell.
April 2, 2018Chris Lytle


Too many salespeople have “money weakness.” They hesitate to ask about budgets. They write proposals without having discussed money first. They surprise their prospects with pricing that creates “sticker shock.” They flounder. If any of this sounds familiar, download this Instant Sales Training audio now. And get it out to your salespeople. STAT.
July 31, 2017Chris Lytle


It’s not a “good meeting” unless the customer thinks it’s a good meeting. Discover the one question to ask to ensure you and your salespeople have a lot more “good meetings.”
June 26, 2017Chris Lytle


Ask good questions is the answer to many sales problems. And James K Ryan’s book, “Wait, What? And Life’s Other Essential Questions” offers five outstanding questions to add to your repertoire. The book is based on his 2016 commencement address at the Harvard School of Education. It’s worth playing in your sales meeting to drive the message home.
April 24, 2017Chris Lytle


There is one thing we know for sure about prospects. They’re doing business with somebody besides us. Rather than ignore that fact use it. Ask the obvious question I’ll reveal at the 2:11 mark. See which of your salespeople embrace this idea and which of them resist it.
February 20, 2017Chris Lytle


We know the importance of listening in selling. But sometimes we jump in too soon with our pitch instead of getting more information from the customer. These three words will help your salespeople avoid talking too much and too soon.
November 21, 2016Chris Lytle


Asking questions is the answer to a lot of sales problems. These two questions will help you get down to business quickly and comfortably—for you and the prospect.
August 1, 2016Chris Lytle
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Preventing objections is a more important selling skill than handling them. Salespeople bring many objections on themselves because they fail to do this one thing well. You’ll discover what that is in this session. Plus, you’ll get a bonus idea that will revolutionize how your people approach what we used to call “cold calling.” Fewer objections all around thanks to this Instant Sales Training session.
February 9, 2016Chris Lytle
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Are you listening to understand your prospects and clients? Or, are you listening mainly to come up with something clever to say after their lips stop moving? Mastering the “Golden Silence” will help you master the skill of listening for understanding and increase your sales.
January 4, 2016Chris Lytle
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You can’t bore people into buying from you. The way to bore buyers quickly is to tell them things they already know about your product, service or company. One question will keep you from ever boring a buyer and maybe even shorten your selling cycle.
December 28, 2015Chris Lytle
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In the business world, vulnerability is often mistaken for weakness. Salespeople have traditionally been trained to have all the answers, to be superhuman, to be perfect. But it’s hard to connect with perfection. In many cases, selling requires the buyer to admit that change is necessary—to admit that everything isn’t good. As in “I have a problem,” or “my situation isn’t ideal,” or “I’ve made a mistake.” In these cases, our sales success depends on buyers showing vulnerability and admitting imperfection. And it’s a lot easier for them to open up if we as sellers go first.
May 18, 2015Chris Lytle