First Meetings

First Meetings



You want salespeople to solve prospects problems. The trouble is, they may go into pitch mode as soon as they find a problem. The “itch to pitch” is natural, but great salespeople stay in discovery mode longer. Slowing down can speed up the sales process.
March 25, 2019Chris Lytle


We tell our salespeople to see more people. Make more cold calls. Walk into more businesses. But we don’t equip them with a repeatable process for doing so. James Shephard has perfected his approach. Listen, learn and adapt his ideas.
November 12, 2018Chris Lytle


Salespeople can easily forget to use one very powerful communication tool to make an impact and differentiate themselves from the competition. Can you guess what it is? No need to guess, you’ll know in a few minutes. Watch this now.
September 10, 2018Chris Lytle


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May 16, 2016Jennifer Williams


According to sales expert, John (JD) Dean, salespeople can spend 40-minutes out of an hour talking about their company, their product and their client base. What’s wrong with that? It means they’re not asking “insightful questions” about the prospect’s problems. What’s the solution? Download the this session and discover it.
January 23, 2018Chris Lytle


On cable news, I watch Cable TV pundits interrupt each other constantly. They are bad role models for sales professionals. Quit interrupting and start listening like a homicide detective. Find out exactly what that means in exactly 2-minutes and 3-seconds.
May 8, 2017Chris Lytle


Preface what you’re proposing with "the six most powerful words in sales." While you’re at it, avoid three "fatal phrases" that immediately position you as a "typical" salesperson. Quickly improve you customer focus by making "the phrase that pays" your secret weapon.
March 6, 2017Chris Lytle


The purpose of the first meeting is to secure the second meeting. Salespeople who talk (tell) too much on the first meeting, may find that the prospect’s interest and enthusiasm start to wane. Trying to go too far too fast can result in what author trainer Jill Konrath refers to as “speed backlash.” Make sure that doesn’t happen to your team. Circulate this Instant Sales Training Knowledge Bite and hold a discussion about it.
February 13, 2017Chris Lytle


In his TED Talk Mark Bowden describes the reptilian brain make instant assessments of the people we meet. Our prospects decide in a millisecond whether a salesperson is a potential friend or foe. But just because they decide you’re not the enemy, doesn’t mean they like you. Find out how to be seen as a potential friend when you walk into their place of business. It requires two very important behaviors. Listen to the Instant Sales Training session to find out why Chris is so excited about Mark’s ideas. Then watch his TED Talk. You will find out how to be more likable…instantly.
August 22, 2016Chris Lytle


I’m old enough to remember when the Olympics showcased amateur athletes. Today the pros dominate most of the events. That got me thinking about the important differences between sales professionals and sales amateurs. One thing is certain, sales pros sell differently and dominate the game.
August 15, 2016Chris Lytle


Asking questions is the answer to a lot of sales problems. These two questions will help you get down to business quickly and comfortably—for you and the prospect.
August 1, 2016Chris Lytle
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Buyers want to know if you’re there to help them or to help yourself. Sometimes setting an agenda to learn more about the buyer and the buyer’s problems can result in increased trust, better rapport and, yes, an order. See if you agree after you’ve listened to this week’s Instant Sales Training session.
May 26, 2016Chris Lytle
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There is nothing wrong with knowing a lot about your product or service. However, there is something very wrong with telling your customers everything you know. Great salespeople talk about the things that will be of key interest to their customers. You can’t bore people into buying from you. Discover how to avoid sales slumps and how to sell more by telling less.
April 11, 2016Chris Lytle
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My late friend, Bill Brooks, had a knack for breaking down selling into it simplest essence. If you buy his one simple truth about selling, then you will make more sales. His five critical characteristics of a prospect are priceless.
March 29, 2016Chris Lytle
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You thought the meeting went well. You had the answers to all of the prospect’s questions and concerns. But did you ask the most important question? Find out what it is and why it works in this Instant Sales Training session.
February 29, 2016Chris Lytle
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Do your salespeople make the kinds of first-meeting mistakes I detail in this Instant Sales Training session? They’re easy to correct. Using more thoughtful, powerful first-meeting openers means more second meetings.
February 16, 2016Chris Lytle
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Preventing objections is a more important selling skill than handling them. Salespeople bring many objections on themselves because they fail to do this one thing well. You’ll discover what that is in this session. Plus, you’ll get a bonus idea that will revolutionize how your people approach what we used to call “cold calling.” Fewer objections all around thanks to this Instant Sales Training session.
February 9, 2016Chris Lytle
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Your salespeople will sell more when they are able to get the prospect to start focusing on something besides price. Like what? Like the things they’ll learn about in this Instant Sales Training session. You’ll also learn the identity of the young man in the picture.
January 11, 2016Chris Lytle
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You can’t bore people into buying from you. The way to bore buyers quickly is to tell them things they already know about your product, service or company. One question will keep you from ever boring a buyer and maybe even shorten your selling cycle.
December 28, 2015Chris Lytle
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If you can predict what your prospect is going to say when you make a statement, you increase your power and odds of success. That’s what author/trainer Eric Lofholm suggests. See if you agree with the idea that having proven sales scripts make sense. For extra credit, watch his short YouTube clip.
December 21, 2015Chris Lytle


All things being equal, people tend to do business with salespeople they like. Robert Cialdini and Steve Martin believe likability makes salespeople more persuasive. It's one of their six"Secrets from the Science of Persuasion" whiteboard talk on YouTube. Nearly 2 million people have watched this powerful video. In the short audio knowledge bite, I share how I used a couple of their principles to cement my friendship with a client by caring about his business and using his jargon.
July 1, 2015Chris Lytle


Sarah spent part of dinner telling me a sales "horror story" about the rep she had met with earlier in the day. Do your prospects and customers talk about you when they get home at night? Do you want them to? If your meeting were the highlight of their day, what would that mean to you in terms of future sales and referrals? Listen and learn.
June 29, 2015Chris Lytle


Every call is a cold one and you wonder whether or not you will make it. No matter how new you are to sales, you can always add value by what you know and not just by what you sell. And when you're adding value, making the call is a lot more fun.
June 22, 2015Chris Lytle