Chris Lytle

Chris Lytle has conducted nearly 2300 seminars throughout the English-speaking world. A gifted speaker and the best-selling author of The Accidental Salesperson, Chris has inspired hundreds of thousands of salespeople. He posts a fresh new audio sales idea on this website every week. You can grab a free sample here. Email it to your sales team. They can get world-class sales training on their smart phones.



Networking can be a way to skyrocket your sales. But you need to develop good networking skills. You’re on your way when you meet David J. P. Fisher and start to learn his ideas about systematically building your sales network. He’s thought this through to make it easy for you and me.
December 10, 2018Chris Lytle


How can “pausing” make you more believable? And why does believing in what your selling, make you more believable? And what should you do when you don’t believe in what your saying or selling? Think this might be an important sales learning topic? Listen, learn and discuss.
December 3, 2018Chris Lytle


Buyers notice when you stop the chit chat and start the pitch. Your tone of voice changes and so does your facial expression. What makes a sales pitch sound like a sales pitch? And why do buyers find it so irritating? Find out fast and take corrective action.
November 26, 2018Chris Lytle



Teaching is Selling Too

Are you bringing new insights to your prospect or customers? Or are you telling them what’s already on your website and in your product literature? You want to be the salesperson that makes the customer think, “You know, this person really knows what they’re talking about.” Now you’re selling.
November 19, 2018Chris Lytle


We tell our salespeople to see more people. Make more cold calls. Walk into more businesses. But we don’t equip them with a repeatable process for doing so. James Shephard has perfected his approach. Listen, learn and adapt his ideas.
November 12, 2018Chris Lytle


As a young sales manager, I “invented” a sales meeting to save myself hours of planning. Turns out, inviting a customer to brief our sales team was more than a time-saver. It was a way to build their belief in what they were selling.
November 5, 2018Chris Lytle


This is another shockingly simple idea by way of Hall of Fame speaker and author Jim Cathcart. It’s amazing what people give away on YouTube. But it did take me about four hours of looking to finally find it. I think you and your sales team will have a great discussion about the power of asking Jim’s “daily question” on the job and any time you have to make an important decision about and upcoming action you’re about to take. I wish I had learned this when I was a very young man.
October 29, 2018Chris Lytle



Pure Sales Intentions

Your intentions are showing. Prospects can sense when you’re there to help them and when you are there to make your quota. What question should you be asking as you walk into the prospects office? Find out and start asking it.
October 22, 2018Chris Lytle


“The Improv: 50 Years Behind the Brick Wall” is a documentary I consider a great sales training film. Some of the great comics of our time describe how they started at The Improv and, finally, made it big. What does it take to make it big in comedy? Time and “putting in the work.” Do your salespeople know that sales success takes the same things? Somebody should tell them.
October 15, 2018Chris Lytle



No Bad Days Allowed

Ever since I saw Ron Howard’s Backdraft, I have thought about one line in that film that woke me up: “If you have a bad day on this job (firefighter), somebody dies.” This week’s Instant Sales Training expands on that idea and challenges you and your salespeople to make “No Bad Days” your mantra. Wouldn’t that be something?
October 8, 2018Chris Lytle