Chris Lytle

Chris Lytle has conducted nearly 2300 seminars throughout the English-speaking world. A gifted speaker and the best-selling author of The Accidental Salesperson, Chris has inspired hundreds of thousands of salespeople. He posts a fresh new audio sales idea on this website every week. You can grab a free sample here. Email it to your sales team. They can get world-class sales training on their smart phones.



You told the client you would do something. You told another client you would do something else. But at the end of the day, you couldn’t remember what you had promised to whom. The trouble is, the clients do remember. And they keep score. Salespeople need to record every promise they make and follow through on their promises. That builds trust and leads to stronger relationships and bigger deals.
February 18, 2019Chris Lytle



Where Do You Do Your Best Work

When you ask people where they do their best work, the answer is, “Anywhere but the office.” Jason Fried’s TED Talk is called “Why Work Doesn’t Happen at Work.” I draw from that talk and my own experience about getting the really important “stuff” done.
February 11, 2019Chris Lytle


“Follow your passion.” And “Find a job you love and you’ll never work another day in your life.” This advice has become part of the Zeitgeist. But is it true? Is it even possible. One scientist says it’s bad advice. And I agree. If you like what you hear, here is the link to the video I quote. Cal Newport: So Good They Can’t Ignore You.
January 28, 2019Chris Lytle



Relax It’s Just a Sales Call

We know we shouldn’t pressure the buyer. But what if we’re under pressure to sell, make quota and keep our sales job? I quote a couple of experts who talk about selling at your best and the importance of relaxing and enjoying what you’re doing. Who know. Dr. Bob Kriegel’s short video “Don’t Let the Gottas Get You” is must-see sales training TV. Play it in the sales meeting.
January 21, 2019Chris Lytle


New research on deals that close and deals that don’t reveals that deals are closed in the discovery phase and not presentation phase. Wrap your head around that you’ll understand how important asking good questions and listening a lot more than you talk to real sales success.
January 14, 2019Chris Lytle


Before they meet with you, buyers usually want to learn more about their sales rep. And the first place they are likely to go is LinkedIn. Does your LinkedIn profile make them glad they are meeting with you or thinking about cancelling that meeting? Here are four ways to make you more compelling online.
January 9, 2019Chris Lytle


Keeping sales pipelines filled with high value prospects is the key to sales success. Yet, too many salespeople don’t take the right steps to make that happen and fail to meet their goals. I report on Tony J. Hughes new book, “COMBO Prospecting” and his powerful ideas for filling sales pipelines with high value prospects fast.
January 2, 2019Chris Lytle


Networking can be a way to skyrocket your sales. But you need to develop good networking skills. You’re on your way when you meet David J. P. Fisher and start to learn his ideas about systematically building your sales network. He’s thought this through to make it easy for you and me.
December 10, 2018Chris Lytle


How can “pausing” make you more believable? And why does believing in what your selling, make you more believable? And what should you do when you don’t believe in what your saying or selling? Think this might be an important sales learning topic? Listen, learn and discuss.
December 3, 2018Chris Lytle


Buyers notice when you stop the chit chat and start the pitch. Your tone of voice changes and so does your facial expression. What makes a sales pitch sound like a sales pitch? And why do buyers find it so irritating? Find out fast and take corrective action.
November 26, 2018Chris Lytle