Chris Lytle

Chris Lytle has conducted nearly 2300 seminars throughout the English-speaking world. A gifted speaker and the best-selling author of The Accidental Salesperson, Chris has inspired hundreds of thousands of salespeople. He posts a fresh new audio sales idea on this website every week. You can grab a free sample here. Email it to your sales team. They can get world-class sales training on their smart phones.



Steve Chandler wrote 17 Lies That Are Holding You Back. In this interview, Steve talks about the biggest lie we tell ourselves and, then, reveals a way to think about the word “no” that nobody ever told you before. Two powerful ideas to make this week’s Instant Sales Training discussion riveting.
April 22, 2019Chris Lytle



When Warm Prospects Go Cold

You’ve had a great meeting and even gotten to the proposal stage. Then, the client quits returning calls and emails. Could you have done anything differently? One sales expert says you should have “pre-closed” the prospect before making the proposal. Find out what that means and how to do it.
April 15, 2019Chris Lytle


Salespeople who think they have to “handle” and “overcome” objections to make the sale often increase buyer resistance. There’s a kinder, gentler and more effective way to deal with buyer objections. Take a few minutes to listen and see if you agree.
April 8, 2019Chris Lytle


According to sales expert Dave Kurlan 54% of salespeople have a strong enough need to be liked that it sabotages them. They don’t ask tough questions. They don’t challenge their customers. And they don’t sell enough to make their sales managers happy. In sales, it is better to be respected rather than liked. Make sure your salespeople know that.
April 1, 2019Chris Lytle



The Itch to Pitch

You want salespeople to solve prospects problems. The trouble is, they may go into pitch mode as soon as they find a problem. The “itch to pitch” is natural, but great salespeople stay in discovery mode longer. Slowing down can speed up the sales process.
March 25, 2019Chris Lytle


You’re discover or needs analysis meetings can sound like interrogations instead of conversations. There’s an easy and powerful way to keep things conversational, though. Find out what it is and why it works.
March 18, 2019Chris Lytle



What’s the Next Step?

There is nothing worse than having a prospect who’s “interested” but not willing to commit to a next step. Salespeople who leave a meeting like that have “failed.” I am quoting Mike Weinberg, author of New Sales. Simplified. And I agree wholeheartedly with his assessment.
March 11, 2019Chris Lytle


Building rapport starts with finding something you and the customer have in common. There are two things you can do this week that will start building rapport and sales. And once you start doing them, you will soon note that customers who used to be hard to see are now glad to see you.
March 4, 2019Chris Lytle


“The nature of consultative selling is that you are creating the solution as you sell.” That’s a quote from this Neil Rackham in a YouTube video I found last week. Rackham has some great advice for salespeople who offer their “solutions” too early in the sales process. Heed it. Top performers consistently offer solutions late in the process. Typical salespeople lead with their solution and sell less. For extra credit, I propose watching my recorded webinar, “How to Double Your Billing with Half the Effort.”
February 25, 2019Chris Lytle


You told the client you would do something. You told another client you would do something else. But at the end of the day, you couldn’t remember what you had promised to whom. The trouble is, the clients do remember. And they keep score. Salespeople need to record every promise they make and follow through on their promises. That builds trust and leads to stronger relationships and bigger deals.
February 18, 2019Chris Lytle