Make Selling Easier NOW

Make Selling Easier NOW

This is the conversation I had with my friend Jeff Sleete last week. Jeff has a daily email that helps sales managers point their salespeople toward the right prospects at the right time. Sleete Sales Script arms your sellers with reasons to make the call and with exactly what to say to get the conversation started. Download the 5 Sleete Sales Script emails Jeff recently sent to his paying clients. Go out and make some money on Jeff. See for yourself: Jeff promises “SLEETE SALES SCRIPT will give your sales team – Digital, Direct Mail, Outdoor, Print, Radio, TV – new energy and fuel to make selling easier and more productive.”

Help yourself to the examples of Jeff’s daily emails below. You’ll be amazed at the amount of information Jeff provides his subscribers. And you’ll see why if I were a still a sales manager, I would be a Sleete Sales Scripts subscriber.

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Sleete Sales Script Emails

Express Checkout

Express Checkout Canada

Grab-N-Go with Fathers Day and Car Dealer Tips

Door Opener

Batting Practice for Sellers

Batting Practice for Managers

Under the Hood

Selling Ahead Monthly Service