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My unique ability is extracting and boiling down the big idea in a book or video into its 2-1/2 to 5 minute essence. Sales managers download this fresh sales training content for their sales meetings. These training concepts are packaged as MP3 files so managers can send to the team ... Read More
December 28, 2016Chris Lytle


How long is a “Got-a-minute?” meeting in your office? I’m guessing it’s more than a minute. Shoot, I remember a “Got-a-second?” meeting that lasted an hour and a half! Salespeople ask you for a minute whenever they have a fire for you to put out for them. Maybe you have trained your reports that ... Read More
October 11, 2016Chris Lytle


Those little words, “Hair is not a requirement” did wonders for my self-esteem. I worry that Donald Trump’s self-esteem is tied up in appearances rather than substance.
October 5, 2016Chris Lytle


“Quit making calls.” Not the sort of sales advice you expect from a book that purports to tell you how to sell more. But it’s sound advice. I vividly recall the day I came to that conclusion. I had been retained as a sales consultant for a firm that ... Read More
September 18, 2016Chris Lytle


It Worked for Me
by Chris Lytle / / Blog
When I was I boy, I listened to “Our Changing World” most every morning on WCLT-AM in Newark, Ohio. Earl Nightingale’s 5-minute program ran every weekday morning at 7:25 AM. It was sponsored by the Park National Bank forever. When I went to work at WCLT in 1972, I found ... Read More
August 10, 2016Chris Lytle


Quick Question . . .  . . . has got to be the best email subject line ever. When a prospect didn’t call me back, I sent the following email. The subject line was: “Quick Question.” The body of the email read: Cliff, I still have you on my ‘waiting for’ list of ... Read More
July 27, 2016Chris Lytle


Two Kinds of Cones
by Chris Lytle / / Blog
Tattoo is our 14-year old Abyssinian. Right before New Year’s Eve, I found her in our bedroom closet limping. A quick trip to the veterinarian confirmed she had dislocated her back right knee. Who knew that could happen? She had surgery on January 5th and will have to wear a ... Read More
June 13, 2016Chris Lytle
Herding Cats


You were minding your own business and selling up a storm. And then . . . BAM! . . . you got promoted. You’re the new sales manager. The “Paradox of Management” is this: You get paid for doing less of what you got promoted for doing more of. As a ... Read More
May 6, 2016Chris Lytle


If you want to save yourself from another bad hire, then ask this question toward the end of your first interview: We’re about finished with this interview. After this, I will start my reference checking and due diligence. Is there anything you would like to tell me now ... Read More
April 29, 2016Chris Lytle


I am a 24 year old know-it-all salesperson. On this particular Tuesday, I am meeting with Len Mattioli, the owner of American TV and Furniture. We are sitting at a dinette set in the furniture department. The meeting keeps getting interrupted by Len’s employees. When they aren’t interrupting, Len’s loses focus on the meeting to ... Read More
March 22, 2016Chris Lytle


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