Pre Meeting Planning



Want your salespeople to be better closers? Share this special Instant Sales Training session with them today.
May 20, 2019Chris Lytle


Jack Falvy wrote, If you don’t have a call objective to close on, you’re not selling, your visiting.” Salespeople who visit rarely get invited back for a second meeting. Find out how to making pre-call objectives automatic and practice doing this in your next sales meeting using the three questions I provide on slide #2.
May 13, 2019Chris Lytle


There is a guy who specializes in helping salespeople use Google to do better and quicker pre-meeting planning. His name is Sam Richter and I share a few of his ideas in this Instant Sales Training session. I’ve used Sam’s 3 x 5 Meeting Prep idea twice today. I recommend that you make your sales meeting all about prepping for the most important meeting of each salesperson’s day using the idea in the audio knowledge bite and the extra credit PDF.
April 30, 2019Chris Lytle


As a young sales manager, I “invented” a sales meeting to save myself hours of planning. Turns out, inviting a customer to brief our sales team was more than a time-saver. It was a way to build their belief in what they were selling.
November 5, 2018Chris Lytle


You can easily rise above the competition with a more compelling proposal cover page. See how it’s done and how easy it is to stand out. Trouble is, most salespeople think the wrong way is the right way to write a cover page. Let’s fix that. Fast.
August 21, 2018Chris Lytle


There’s a better bolder way to begin a meeting. Discover what it is and why it works. Hint: The number one thing buyers dislike about sellers is the lack of preparation.
August 6, 2018Chris Lytle


Why do some meetings end badly? Because the salesperson hasn’t defined the meeting objective before having the meeting. I share my three favorite pre-meeting planning questions and a rant about never agreeing to do something for the prospect without getting the prospect to do something for you. Important advice.
March 19, 2018Chris Lytle


An upcoming trip to France prompted this week’s knowledge bite. Learning the language of the country you’re travelling to makes you a more welcome visitor. The same is true when you approach a prospect. He or she speaks a different language than you do. Learning how to speak that language—even a little of it—will make you a more welcome visitor, too.
February 19, 2018Chris Lytle


This weekend I will be speaking to about 100 students who are being inducted into an honor society at my alma mater. The advice I’m going to give them is so good I’ve decided to share it with you and your sales team. The ultimate differentiator is to "study" harder than your competitor.
November 14, 2016Chris Lytle


Too many proposals are all about the salesperson and his or her company. Discover how to do a quick proposal makeover in this Instant Sales Training session. You might want to ask your salespeople bring their most recent written proposal to the meeting to see it might be improved with one little change.
July 19, 2016Chris Lytle
Nervous meeting2


A pilot can put his passengers at ease by saying, “We have completed all of our pre-flight checks here in the cockpit. Salespeople can put their customers in a relaxed, receptive mode by saying the six words they’ll learn in this Instant Sales Training session. Roger that. Over and out.
April 25, 2016Chris Lytle


Do you know how many unnecessary words you use? To be perfectly honest, you shouldn’t use a phrase like to be perfectly honest. Ever. If you want to know why, then listen to this knowledge bite. Apply the learning. You will be more credible, authoritative and successful. Soon.
August 5, 2015Chris Lytle


All things being equal, people tend to do business with salespeople they like. Robert Cialdini and Steve Martin believe likability makes salespeople more persuasive. It's one of their six"Secrets from the Science of Persuasion" whiteboard talk on YouTube. Nearly 2 million people have watched this powerful video. In the short audio knowledge bite, I share how I used a couple of their principles to cement my friendship with a client by caring about his business and using his jargon.
July 1, 2015Chris Lytle


Sarah spent part of dinner telling me a sales "horror story" about the rep she had met with earlier in the day. Do your prospects and customers talk about you when they get home at night? Do you want them to? If your meeting were the highlight of their day, what would that mean to you in terms of future sales and referrals? Listen and learn.
June 29, 2015Chris Lytle


Every call is a cold one and you wonder whether or not you will make it. No matter how new you are to sales, you can always add value by what you know and not just by what you sell. And when you're adding value, making the call is a lot more fun.
June 22, 2015Chris Lytle


Year after year in survey after survey, the number one thing buyers dislike about salespeople is lack of preparation. “Learn about my business,” they beg. “Don’t ask the obvious questions,” they implore. Of course, you are different. You’ve done your pre-meeting research. But will the client value that? This magic phrase will help.
June 15, 2015Chris Lytle


When Chris's United Mileage Statement for April arrived in his email, it prompted this Knowledge Bite. Airlines know something about customer loyalty. Business travelers don't get many low fares, but they get perks. Every customer wants to be important, but do they know what "the price of importance" is at your company? They will after you have the conversation with them.
June 1, 2015Chris Lytle