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Every successful salesperson needs a system for being more productive. David Allen, author of Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress Free Productivity discuses his system with me over the next two weeks. His system changed my approach to time and productivity management. And because you can implement it with a few pieces of paper or Microsoft Word, it’s less expensive than buying an expensive planner. Let me know what you think of this content. Email me at Chris.Lytle@InstantSalesTraining.com
June 6, 2019Chris Lytle


Of course, it couldn’t happen to you, but many people are addicted to checking their news feed, social media and emails. Attention economy businesses make money mining your attention. Even if you’re not addicted, you can be distracted way too often from the real job at hand, selling.
February 26, 2018Chris Lytle


Time management is an essential skill for all of us. Did you know there are three “dimensions” of time management. If you can’t name all three of them, then it’s definitely time to listen to this week’s Instant Sales Training audio. Then, discuss how these idea apply to your salespeople.
December 4, 2017Chris Lytle


When I was a sales manager, I read an article in the Harvard Business Review that convinced me that salespeople could have too many prospects. I started reducing the size of my salespeople’s account lists. Sales kept going up. By making salespeople focus on fewer prospects, they were able to make the multiple calls necessary to close more big deals. This is worth considering if your salespeople seem overwhelmed or if they’re underachieving.
July 24, 2017Chris Lytle


How many hours of the day are salespeople checking social media instead of putting together the big proposal? Or spending quality time with a customer? According to the lead story on 60 Minutes (April 9, 2017), the makers of apps are purposely setting out to addict us to distraction. One prominent business guru has a “new rule” to make all of us more productive. Will you follow it? Will your sales team? It’s a powerful idea.
April 10, 2017Chris Lytle


Making a couple of subtle refinements to the way you plan your day can make you spectacularly more productive. Learn what those refinements are quickly and employ them right away. Warning: Your sales may explode.
October 10, 2016Chris Lytle


Think of this as an attitude adjustment that doesn’t involve alcohol. Salespeople need to feel in control and give off positive energy. This "life repair idea" is a great way to get rid of much of the clutter than our drains energy and dampens our enthusiasm. See if you agree.
June 27, 2016Chris Lytle


Distracted walking is a growing source of pedestrian injuries. This Instant Sales Training session addresses "distracted working." That can kill a sales career. Discover how to bring relentless focus to a key project and ratchet up your performance.
June 20, 2016Chris Lytle
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Eric Zorn, a columnist for the Chicago Tribune, shared a powerful self-improvement idea in Sunday’s paper. I’m implementing it today in my own life. You and your sales team may want to consider implementing it too. You’ll know in a couple of minutes whether or not the idea resonates with you and your team as much as it did with me.
May 31, 2016Chris Lytle
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Do you have a little voice in your head that urges you to “Do-it now” when you notice something needs to be done? Having a bias for taking action can propel your sales success. In this knowledge bite, you’ll learn about productivity guru David Allen’s “Two-Minute Rule.” I’ve linked you to the interview he did for Success magazine’s website. Here’s a link to another short article called “3 Secrets to a Do-It-Now Attitude.” Both take less than two minutes to read.
September 10, 2015Chris Lytle