There is scientific research about why some people are more successful and motivated than others. There are people who study this subject. You and your salespeople need to know what they know.
August 14, 2018Chris Lytle


You already know how to be more productive. Think about how your behavior changes the week or two before vacation. Learn how to keep crushing the cockroaches of the productivity world with one little hack.
May 21, 2018Chris Lytle


Top performers make a lot of money, but new research shows that isn’t what’s driving them to succeed. Find out what is and see if you’re surprised. You shouldn’t be.
March 12, 2018Chris Lytle


Well, I didn’t win the $431 million dollar lottery, but I’m still happy. In fact, I may be happier than the winner. Possessions and money don’t necessarily bring happiness. Find out what does and why it can positively impact your sales success.
January 15, 2018Chris Lytle


This is a true story of how getting fired early in my career made me a better salesperson. It’s also Chapter 1 of my brand new book, 23 Shockingly Simple Sales Ideas, which will be published soon as a paperback and a Kindle book. I’ll let you know when it’s available.
November 20, 2017Chris Lytle


One of the best ways to “train” salespeople is by letting them share their war stories with each other. It’s true. And yet, we often are too busy telling them what to do than to hear what they have already done. Share this with your team and, then, let them share their stories in the next sales meeting. Less work for you. But just as much learning for them.
July 17, 2017Chris Lytle


I quote James Surowwieki, author of The Wisdom of Crowds in the first five seconds of this knowledge bite. And then, I share an idea on how to unleash the wisdom of your sales team with a technique called “brainwriting.” Find out why it’s better than brainstorming. Here’s a link to the Chicago Tribune article I quote.
May 15, 2017Chris Lytle


"Nobody performs better under pressure." That’s what the research of the authors of Performing Under Pressure assert. Discover how to see pressure as an opportunity rather than a threat. That’s what top performing athletes and businesspeople do.
July 11, 2016Chris Lytle


Distracted walking is a growing source of pedestrian injuries. This Instant Sales Training session addresses "distracted working." That can kill a sales career. Discover how to bring relentless focus to a key project and ratchet up your performance.
June 20, 2016Chris Lytle
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Eric Zorn, a columnist for the Chicago Tribune, shared a powerful self-improvement idea in Sunday’s paper. I’m implementing it today in my own life. You and your sales team may want to consider implementing it too. You’ll know in a couple of minutes whether or not the idea resonates with you and your team as much as it did with me.
May 31, 2016Chris Lytle
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The words you use to describe what you do are very important. Watching John Blackstone’s profile of country singer Keith Urban reminded me of that very important lesson I learned 25 years ago. Learn and embrace this lesson sooner rather than later.
May 9, 2016Chris Lytle
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This session contains a real war story about the importance committing to a mission larger than yourself. The majority of the POWs imprisoned in the infamous “Hanoi Hilton” returned home and lead full and successful lives. Psychiatrists and psychologists have studied them for years to find out why? You’ll find out why and how it applies to your success in about 7 minutes.
February 2, 2016Chris Lytle
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Visualizing success isn’t the answer. You actually have to take action. In The Martian, Matt Damon’s character is left behind by the crew. He decides early on, “I’m not going to die here.” Then he takes action to make that so. Turns out surviving on Mars and thriving in sales have a lot in common.
January 25, 2016Chris Lytle
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We focus on getting salespeople to perform better. However, Tim Gallwey suggests that helping salespeople focus on enjoying their jobs can be a better way to get them to perform. Discover two powerful concepts from Gallwey’s The Inner Game of Work. Challenge your sales team to enjoy what they’re doing and see how that can lead to improved performance sooner rather than later. Your philosophy of sales management is about to change. But you can handle it.
December 7, 2015Chris Lytle