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What you say in the first few seconds of your phone call is critical to your prospecting and sales success. Try out the two powerful phrases you’ll learn in this Instant Sales Training session. Let me know what happens.
September 6, 2016Chris Lytle
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For their book, Insight Selling, Surprising Research on What Sales Winner do Differently, Mike Schultz and John E. Doerr interviewed decision makers about the factors that lead them to choose one company over another. What did the winning salespeople do that the losers didn’t. You need to know the top ten factors now. And you will in just a few minutes.
May 16, 2016Chris Lytle
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My late friend, Bill Brooks, had a knack for breaking down selling into it simplest essence. If you buy his one simple truth about selling, then you will make more sales. His five critical characteristics of a prospect are priceless.
March 29, 2016Chris Lytle
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The more we put pressure on our people (or on ourselves) to perform, the more likely it is we will not perform to our potential. This is true whether we’re selling or playing our favorite game. Discover a way to improve your performance by focusing on something completely different that winning. Then decide if this is a winning idea for you and your sales team.
December 14, 2015Chris Lytle


Do you know how many unnecessary words you use? To be perfectly honest, you shouldn’t use a phrase like to be perfectly honest. Ever. If you want to know why, then listen to this knowledge bite. Apply the learning. You will be more credible, authoritative and successful. Soon.
August 5, 2015Chris Lytle