2018 State Broadcasters Association Offering

Dear State Association Exec,

Here are three ways I want to help you help your members. And one of them is completely free.

Please look at each level and let me know your reactions.

Level 1 lays out all the free content I’m making available for the first time. This includes a LIVE webinar that I’m conducting on December 20, 2017 and repeating on January 9, 2018. I want to give it to your members. It’s called LEVERAGE: Double Your Billing with Half the Effort. And it’s not only going to rock, it will deliver on the promise of the title.

Level 2 is where you’ll see and sample my Instant Sales Training content. This is where I develop and distribute all my new “stuff.” I’m delivering “short-attention-span” sales training to today’s time-starved salespeople.

Level 3 is where you’ll see snippets (12 and 16 minutes) of the two presentations I made for Henry Lackey at the 2017 KBA Convention in October. It’s a little crazy at the beginning because people kept coming in and they had to add chairs.

You may have read Sharon Tinsley’s post earlier about my “farewell tour” and my offer to speak at Broadcaster Association events for $2500. That offer stands for the next few years.

No sticker shock.

One level is free.

The other two are $2500 each.

In any event, you can have Level 1 for free and all three levels of world-class content for just $5,000. I’m trying to make a big difference for a small price. We can even do a payment plan.

Please click on each level and see what you can do for your members.

Level 1: Free Webinar and Articles

The Webinar

Download this brochure. Brand it. And invite your members to this LIVE Chris Lytle Webinar.

Leverage: Double Your Billing with Half the Effort. I’m upgrading my Go-to-Webinar platform so I can handle 1000 registrations. Full disclosure: My new book will launch in December. It’s called 23 Shockingly Simple Sales Ideas.

I will spend no more than seven minutes of the seventy-five minute seminar letting salespeople and sales managers know what my new book is about and how they can purchase it at a big discount (under $5). I’m counting on them to drive it up the Amazon/Kindle best-seller ranks.


Click to see the full cover of my new book

The Lytle Article Archive

Earlier this year, Karole White asked my permission to use some of my articles in her newsletter. Of course, I said yes. That got me thinking. I’ve written hundreds of articles. So, I’m updating the very best ones and making them available for you to share with your members in any way you choose. On me.

Starting in January, 2018, you’ll have access my hand-selected top 100 articles for you to add to newsletters and compile for your members’ use in sales training or to solve a particular business/sales problem.

Here are a dozen titles to start:

  1. What Buyers Dislike Most About Salespeople: Avoid These 10 Things and Stand Out
  2. The First Two Minutes of Your Meeting
  3. Getting People Involved in Your Presentation: Make it a Dialogue, Not a Monologue
  4. How to Quickly Put Together a Written Proposal
  5. Performing Sales Pipeline Angioplasty: Get Stalled Deals Moving and Dead Deals Out of Your Pipelines
  6. Marketing Your Meeting: Getting Prospects Ready to Buy
  7. Fire Up Your Prospecting Program Now
  8. Sales “Performance” In Both Senses of the Word
  9. How to Reduce Advertiser Turnover
  10. “This Market is Different” and Other Sales Killers
  11. Why You Should Burn Your Station’s Media Kit
  12. When Advertisers Want to “Test” Your Station

In addition, I’ll also post dozens of vintage video sales tips on this site early in Q1 2018. This stuff is all still applicable in our current sales environment.

Here are three sample articles. I’ll post all articles as Word Docs so you can copy, paste and brand them.

The Real Job of Sales Management

You Can’t Bore People Into Buying

The Secret of Motivation that Motivational Speakers Don’t Talk About

Level 2

Access to my Instant Sales Training website for every member, market manager, GM and/or sales manager.

“Short-Attention-Span” sales training

In November, I spoke at the Dayton C. Miller Honor Society induction at Baldwin Wallace University. Professor Amy Lebo wrote to request that I do the keynote. “We would like you to share your story with the inductees and their families. You’ll have eight minutes.”

So, I drove six hours to Berea, Ohio, hung out at my alma mater and spoke for 8 minutes. That’s the shortest speech I have ever delivered.

In the picture, I am speaking to a Radio conference in Sydney, Australia. They wanted 45 minutes. The total flying time was 18 hours, 59 minutes one way.

The trend is toward shorter and shorter training sessions.

Back in the day, I used to do full day seminars. Today, I create a weekly Instant Sales Training session that is 2-1/2 to 5 minutes long.

In the old days, someone would inevitably come up to me and say, “If I can get one good idea, this will be a good seminar.” Today, I share one good idea every week and everyone can listen to it on their phones on the way to see a customer.

Short attention span sales training is a lot easier on the trainer. And the trainee.

Now sales learning can be a process rather than an event.

It took some time, but I’ve got my head around the need for short attention span sales training. Have you?

Here’s a link to a short video that explains my new approach.


Instant Sales Training is a website you have probably seen since I made you a member of it for all of 2017. Here’s what’s available on the site now in addition to the 52 new sales meetings I’ll create for your members in 2018:

  • 125 archived sales meetings
  • Four 75-minute sales webinar recordings
    • Preventing and Overcoming Broadcast Sales’ Toughest Objections
    • More First Meetings: Getting In To See The Hard-to-See Prospects
    • Advanced Consulting Skills for Broadcast Advertising Salespeople
    • How to “Talk” Advertising with Prospects and Customers Today
  • Four 75-minute sales management manager webinar recordings
    • The Coaching Imperative
    • Scarce Talent: Recruiting and Hiring the Best Salespeople
    • 12 Sales Management Lessons You Shouldn’t Have to Learn the Hard Way
    • Running Sales Training Sessions That Really Increase
  • Video: Super Charged Sales Management video training with handout
  • Special Report: Shaking Up Your Sales Meetings: 22 Way to Add Impact, Variety and Suspense to Keep Your Salespeople Engaged

Investment: $2500 or four quarterly payments or $650.

Level 3

Your members will get everything in levels 1 and 2, and a Lytle keynote or breakout session at your annual conference or training event.

Most meeting planners are asking for shorter sessions these days.
My “farewell tour” fee includes up to 3 hours of presentations. You can mix and match from the titles in the tabs below.

Under the first two tabs, you’ll see the AM and PM presentations I did for Henry Lackey in Louisville in October of 2017. Does it look like I’m still enjoying these engagements? I am. Just as much as ever.

$5000 for Levels 1, 2 and 3 or 4 quarterly payments of $1250

My wife Sarah says I’m in “speaker semi-retirement.” That said, I’ve still got a passion for helping accidental broadcast salespeople learn to sell on purpose.

I look forward to helping you on whatever Level feels right for you and your members. And make sure you get the word out about the LEVERAGE webinar. It’s my holiday gift to the industry you serve so well.