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You need to be having more conversations with more prospects. Some of those conversations will yield business now. Some will yield business down the line. You have to be able to “sell” prospects on having those conversations with you instead of your competitors. That’s why this knowledge bite is so timely. Don’t pitch your products and services first. Instead, sell the benefits of have a conversation with you instead of your competitors first.

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Chris Lytle has conducted more than 2200 seminars throughout the English-speaking world. A gifted speaker and teacher, Chris inspired and educated countless radio advertising sales professionals for 44 years. He is famous for providing “more usable information-per-minute” than anyone else in the business.

Chris is the author of the business bestsellers: The Accidental Salesperson. Instant Sales Training, continues to deliver his sales training in easily digestible knowledge bites. This automatic sales improvement process revolutionizes the way sales managers develop the people who develop their profits.

“Choose to become an expert. Become known for what you know and not just what you sell and watch your sales, customer retention and referrals go through the roof.” — C.L.

Chris’ mission is making successful people and companies even more successful.

Because the better you get . . . the better you’d better get.

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