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Every week I produce a short audio “knowledge bite” and post it on this Instant Sales Training website. I define knowledge bite as “an easily digestible sales idea.” You can download the MP3 and use it as sales meeting content. Hold a discussion with the questions I provide. The research to put together a three to five-minute audio can take three to five hours. My unique ability is to be able to read a book or watch a video and extract an immediately actionable sales idea. Now, this “Extra Credit” page gives you some of my “source material” and great videos to use in meetings or assign to salespeople. I plan to add more videos as I find them. So, start anywhere and come back often.

Neil Rackham makes it very clear that asking people questions about their situation will negatively impact your sales.


How to Be More Confident in Selling with Bill Caskey. Bill Caskey is a world leading sales expert and host of The Advanced Selling Podcast Bill explains exactly what confidence in sales is (and isn’t) and the quickest way to get more of it.

Neil Rackham’s SPIN Selling is based on examining 35,000 recorded sales calls for what worked and what didn’t. If you don’t know what he learned, then you are flying blind in selling. In this fifteen-minute video, Neil talks about the biggest mistake entrepreneurs make when they try to sell their products and services. It’s the same mistake salespeople make when they are passionate about what they are selling and think everyone can benefit from their offering.


Jeff Thull looks at the evolution of the selling mindset. The author of Exceptional Selling describes the three eras of selling. Having lived through all of them, I have to agree. Even though this was taped in 2011, it still rings true. Check out his site and click the Resourses/Latest News tab to be linked to more video and some of Jeff Thull’s published articles here.


“Explosive Sales Advice” from Hall of Fame Speaker Jeff Blackman. Learn about his “power probes” and discover the deceptively simple question to ask a prospect or customer to help you beat your competition and build relationships your competitors can’t steal.


“You’re not that important.” Ago Cluytens of the RAIN Group describes a piece of advice that turned his career around. As a new hire, he was a self-centered and self-conscious seller. An older but wiser salesperson pulled him aside and gave him this career altering advice. Read his blog here.


Jared Belsky – Make 6’s your enemy: the importance of rooting out mediocrity in the workplace.


David Masover describes a Universal Sales Process and why salespeople need to embrace rather than resist having a reliable and repeatable sales process they trust and work. Every day.


Discover the Five Dimensions of Sales Success with Mike Esterday.


Art Sobczak says, “Yes, we should be calling our existing customers during this challenging time. But, it should NOT be the lazy “Just checking in,” or “Just touching base” call. We need to bring value. In this special video training, you’ll hear exactly what to say, and see word-for-word script examples you can use to bring value, set the stage for future business, and perhaps even make a sale today.”


Colleen Francis is a brilliant author and sales trainer. She’s written Engage Selling and Non-Stop Sales Boom. But she had a very slow start in her first job selling life insurance. One day, the top salesperson at the agency let her ride along with him to observe how he sold life insurance. She learned something that day that changed everything for the better. Watch Instant Leverage, Power Profits. Then, check out Colleen’s blog here.


Phil M Jones is a prolific author and an engaging speaker. He’s got a massive YouTube channel. The reason I chose this five minute clip is because at the 50-second mark he offers his definition of selling. Right after that, you’ll learn what to say before you try to sell someone anything. Those two ideas are gold dust.