The Farewell Tour Rocks and Rolls On!

Mission: “Getting accidental salespeople to sell on purpose” has always been the mission. The goal is reaching and inspiring thousands more broadcast advertising salespeople in all 50 states over the next five years.

Target: I’m often asked, “Chris, is your training for rookies or veteran salespeople?” I always answer, “Yes.” Rookies and veterans will be ready for different things, but everyone benefits from my fast-paced, highly detailed presentations.

Sales Training: Here are two of the most popular sessions:

  • Building Relationships Your Competitors Can’t Steal
  • Back to Basics…and Beyond!

Each can be delivered in 75- or 90-minutes.

Management Training: Market managers and sales managers will be even better leaders after experiencing my talk, The 7 Key Lessons of the Leadership Institute. This is the 75- to 90-minute session which is a distillation of the 4-day, $3200 per seat program I conducted with the late Ken Greenwood and the late Norm Goldsmith.

Bio: On June 21, 2018, the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association inducted me into their Hall of Fame. You can get a wonderful bio and experience my signature “Ice Storm Sale” story by watching the induction video.

Fees: My fee for any two sessions (up to 3 hours total) is $2500 (mornings only). You can add a third session on the same day for $1000 in the afternoon or $1500 the next morning. Add travel expenses from Chicago (or Chattanooga, TN after May 1st).

Online: Instant Sales Training is the website where I post fresh sales ideas every week. This is the resource already loaded with 150+ pre-planned sales learning audios. And your members get fresh new Instant Sales Training content each week. Each member market managers and/or sales managers simply downloads the MP3 file and emails the three-to-five-minute sales idea to their salespeople. They download the discussion questions for the audio. Bam! The sales training portion of their meeting comes together in five minutes. This saves time and helps make making continual sales learning automatic. This can supplement the live training or be a standalone resource from your association. Need more info? Here’s a quick video tutorial that demonstrates how this works.

Your association can offer this resource to member managers. We charge the association just $77 per manager for each sign up. After 34 managers opt in, your investment is capped at $2500. So, you can continue adding managers and markets all year long with no further expense. One good idea per week can be easier to implement than the ideas from a half-day seminar. Please consider this.

To book me or to ask questions, please call 773-501-7008. Or email