Getting Hooked on Hopium

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Getting Hooked on Hopium

Sometime prospects tell you they’re interested in what you’re selling. But are they really? It’s easy for salespeople to get hooked on hopium and chase down prospects who never intend to buy. Separating real prospects from information seekers is the big idea behind this Instant Sales Training session.

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This is the resource I wish I had when I was a Sales Manager

Here’s a fun fact: Only 10% of your salespeople have a learning mindset. These are people who seek out learning. The other 90% won’t seek to improve their skills unless it’s part of a job requirement.

And another thing, 95% of the people in selling today didn’t plan on a career in sales. They got into sales accidentally. I should know. My name is Chris Lytle. I wrote the business best-seller The Accidental Salesperson. For more than 30 years, I was in the seminar business. I loved the travel and the applause. And at the same time I knew a seminar wasn’t enough.

Sales training works best when it’s a continual process rather than a singular event like a seminar.

It really is this simple: Put together an instant sales training session using my content and your conversation. The learning occurs during the discussion as your people share their reactions and experiences. You get salespeople involved in their own development. You become a facilitator instead of a sales lecturer. We add a fresh knowledge bite every week. It’s three to five minutes long. You might want to think of it as short attention span sales training.

Your discussion of the content takes fifteen to twenty minutes. Now you can focus and re-focus your team on winning sales behaviors week after week. And very soon you’ll start seeing results:

Increased confidence (swagger) – Stronger client focus – More first meetings – More accurate forecasting – Increased sales

Think of it as your automatic sales improvement process. Because you automatically get an email every week to let you know we’ve just added more content to the site.

Once you see how much time this saves you . . .
Once you see how engaging these meetings are . . .
Once you see how low we’ve priced it . . .
You’ll see that this is the fastest, cheapest sales training system on the market.

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